Do Not:
  Do not twist or pull piercing
  Do not use anything other than what you're instructed to for aftercare
  Do not touch piercing for any reason ESPECIALLY WITH DIRTY HANDS!!!!!
  Do not let anyone else touch your piercing
  Do not change jewelry before instructed(usually one month)
  Do not buy cheap jewelry

Most jewelry is 14 gauge standard , some is 16 gauge( eyebrow, nostril, some cartilage, etc.) so buy the correct gauge if you want something besides the standard jewelry. Surgical steel is what i use initially, so i would stick with that or another good quality metal (gold, silver, etc.) The jewelry should be sealed in a wrapper and labeled clearly, the gauge and material. I will always change the jewelry out for my customer, so if you are uncomfortable changing out the jewelry or can't get it yourself, come see me (no charge). i do not recommend heavy jewelry, as it can stretch the hole or cause the jewelry to "grow out" or migrate out of your skin.

I recommend using BIOTENE MOUTHWASH, 3-6 times a day, usually after a meal or whenever you feel you need it. Try to stay away from foods that will stick to the jewelry and make it more difficult to rinse out. Any alcohol free mouthwash will do if you cannot find Biotene, or if it is not in your budget.
  * You can use too much mouthwash and irritate your piercing, so try to limit to 4 times a day unless necessary
  * If you drink alcohol, try to stay away from beer, liquor is Ok. Mouthwash after you're done drinking, not after every drink!

I recommend cleaning your piercing 3 to 6 times a day with clear hand soap and water. Clean your hands first!! Another option is to make your own solution. 15 tbsb. sea salt mixed in a 1 gal. jug of distilled water. Shake when using and either: pour into a Dixie cup and soak over the piercing for one minute, or if that is difficult because of where your piercing is, you can: soak a paper towel and squeeze the solution out onto the piercing while you soak it for one minute.

If your piercing gets caught or ripped and bleeds sometime after it has healed, you can start the healing process over just the same.

If you are worried about infection or you have any concerns, you should come see me and let me tell you what i think. Some people react to jewelry, or aftercare. If you get an infection, it is easier to clear the infection up if you use antibiotics with the jewelry still in. You risk trapping the infection inside your skin if you take the jewelry out and it starts to close up. Then you will have to get your antibiotics from your doctor. There is little risk of infection if your piercing is cared for properly.


*********  DO NOT LET THEM TELL YOU HOW TO TAKE CARE   **********

*********         OF YOUR TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS        **********