After Care


Do Not:
  do not use antibiotic ointment
  do not touch your tattoo with dirty hands
  do not swim or soak you tattoo in any kind of water until it is completely healed
  do not use chemicals (scents , dyes, cleaners)

1. clean your hands and remove wrap from tattoo. Get rid of the bloody bandage properly and remember that everything you touch after that is contaminated with your blood, please be careful
2. wash with clear antibacterial hand soap and water
  * i use my hands so i can feel when the tattoo is clean, there will be no more slime and ink coming off the tattoo...using a washcloth or anything else could be rough on the freshly tattooed skin.
3. clean your hands again and pat your tattoo dry with a clean bounty paper towel(any will work, but most leave paper towel residue.)
  * when the tattoo isn't seeping any more you can stop patting the tattoo and let it air out for ten minutes, more if it is really moist
4. apply a THIN layer of plain white LOTION (NOT ointment) whenever your tattoo feels dry
  * you can buy lotion almost anywhere
  * any white lotion(Dove, Curel, Purell, Jergens) will do, just remember no scented or dyed lotion, and no ointment
  * quite a few people have told me that Lubriderm breaks out the skin around the tattoo, possibly more oily then other brands, so I would stay away from that
  * use only a little and only when necessary

Tattoo should be healed and skin should be regenerated in one month or less. Always ask me or another professional tattoo artist if you're not sure about something.


*********  DO NOT LET THEM TELL YOU HOW TO TAKE CARE   **********

*********         OF YOUR TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS        **********